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TAKE ONE Acting Studio
Our classes teach acting for camera  -  film, television, and commercial  -  every level from the actor just beginning to the actor training for a professional career.  All classes are on camera and you review your work at the end of class on a TV monitor. We provide the students with training in every facet needed to build a strong foundation: scene study, improv, cold-reading skills, monologues, commercials, audition techniques, on-camera skills, how to project their voice, emotions, and physicality, as well as believability, vulnerability, and some industry lessons. We take somewhat of an eclectic approach to teaching the craft of acting.
Our newest and most unique class is for kids, teens, and young adults. We call it our Scene-study/Film Premiere class. This started in our summer camp and was so much fun that the kids wanted to continue it through the year as well. So we listened to them and are now offering it. This class involves scene work using scripts/scenes from TV shows and films. Emphasis is on character study, freeing the emotions, and script analyzing. Our goal is to improve cold reading technique, instill self-confidence and ease in front of the camera and bring out each student's unique strengths. We film a short TV show and students learn a bit about the filming process... what it's like to actually film a show, why they film scenes out of sequence, how it sometimes takes numerous times to film the same scene, what a storyboard is, how a shot is set up, as well as a little bit about editing. Then we hold a "film premiere & wrap party" to show the film in it's entirety to the students, parents, and sometimes other people in the industry. 
For more information on our classes, call us  at 661-254-2477.
Welcome to TAKE ONE Acting Studio... Santa Clarita's newest and most unique studio